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Laneige Water Bank eye gel

In Beauty on 31/03/2013 at 09:00

Where I got this: I got this at the Laneige store while I was in Hong Kong. I forgot the price, but this is available online or at Laneige stores.

What I got: This is a 30ml tub of Laneige water bank eye gel. The texture is a very light and hydrating light blue gel that is easy to absorb. It comes with a little spatula to scoop out the product. The fragrance is fresh and and pleasant. It claims to reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation (thus reduce dark circles).

How I find it:  I use this day and night after face lotion or cream, pat on gently and lightly massage. The non-sticky gel is easily smoothed onto the skin without tugging and it is fully absorbed after about 20 seconds, then your eye area is ready for makeup.

Overall: Laneige products never fail to please me. The packaging, the colour, the texture, smell, they are all very attractive. It helps with hydration, but not much on helping with lines and wrinkles.  If you have dry and/or mature skin, this may not be enough. I do need to add a touch of eye cream at night to treat fine lines. Overall, I like this eye gel, but I think I would need up upgrade to a richer eye cream to keep my lines at bay!




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