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Elf Studio Tone Correcting Concealer (cool tones)

In Beauty on 19/03/2013 at 09:48

Where I got it: I got this on Trademe because you can’t get this on the Elf NZ website (may change in the future, Elf NZ website is having an upgrade at the moment..). I got this for $12.99 I think.

What I got: This is a 4 tone-correcting concealer palette by Elf. I got this for cool skin tone by mistake because I am a warm skin tone. The 4 tone is in yellow, blue, green and pink. It comes with a small concealer brush

How I find it: The concealer is quite hard and dry, it is not creamy so it is quite hard to use and control because when it gets on your fingertips, it is quite hard to apply to your skin without a bit of pressure and tugging. I usually use it under foundation or BB cream, otherwise I would use it on its own. I rub my index finger in the concealer and then pat it on my skin. I use the yellow for dark circles, green for redness, blue and pink to brighten and even out yellowness.

Overall: The formula is too dry and hard to use. The brush it came with is quite useless because the concealer is too hard to not use my fingers. The colours are all pretty much the same, but I tend to use yellow and green a lot. The concealer doesn’t really crease but it doesn’t last long as well. If you have dry skin, this is NOT for you. For the price, I think it was worth a try.




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