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Air Repair Super-hydrating eye cream

In Beauty on 16/03/2013 at 11:49

Where I got this: I got this in the January Glam box from Sample Bar. This review is long overdue, but I think eye care products needs at least a month’s use to see results. It retails for $17.95USD on their website.

What I got: This is a 15ml tube of Air Repair eye cream. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but it is an American brand which designs products suitable for air travel.

How I find it: This is a white cream eye cream that is not greasy (semi-matte almost like a skin primer). I use it after my moisturiser and I use a 1cm line of eye cream and apply it with my index fingers (enough for both eyes) with patting motion.

Overall: It is hydrating and moisturising, but not greasy. It has no fragrance which is good for the sensitive eye area. The eye cream is absorbed after a while and I can do my makeup without trouble. It doesn’t give whiteheads to my undereye (I get little bumps if my eye cream is too oily/rich for my skin), so that is good. But as for treating dark circles, I can’t see a difference. Neither did it do much for fine lines. I don’t think this is my type of eye product, I prefer a more refreshing eye gel texture.

However I am quite interested in their rescue balm, beauty balm and quenching mist!



  1. Are you going to try the rescue balm? For lips or..??

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