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Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack

In Beauty on 03/03/2013 at 08:26

Where I got it: I got this on eBay from Bonjour Cosmetics with free shipping to New Zealand! This was going for AUD$26.52. We don’t have Laneige consignment or counters so we only rely on little Korean cosmetic shops or online purchase.

What I got: I got a 50mL tube of the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack. It comes with a little blue spatula, and instructions.  I already have to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX and I love it.  This is a similar sort of sleeping mask with a similar smell, but more floral. The textures is very interesting, in the tub, it looks like a really thick gel-cream in a sort of a sac, but when you put something in, it will make a temporary hole which the gel-cream itself will fill up within 10-15 seconds (check out the pictures below!). That is pretty much what they call the ‘firming’ effect of this mask. Another thing to note is the texture of the sleeping mask when you scoop it out of the tub. It is like you have jelly/slushy mix, it is not sticky, it is not a gel texture, doesn’t really stick to your fingers, but it will start to ‘melt’ and look like a glop. Spread it on your face and it will feel like gel-cream.

How I find it: I love it, Laneige never seems to fail on my expectations. The texture, the fragrance, the hydration. No wonder Korean girls have great skin that is very hydrated and moisturised! I use it after my serum or toner, depending on what I feel like that night. I have used it twice now and it takes my skin about 30 seconds to absorb the mask. In the morning, my skin is really hydrated, not oily and looks really smooth. It is a different moisturised/hydrated look from my usual oily face feeling in the morning.

Overall: I love it and I recommend it. Especially with people who have dry skin. The firming effects are not very obvious, because I can’t seem to measure if it works or not. I would need to use more of this to see whether I will repurchase the water sleeping pack of this firming sleeping pack…. ohh.. so hard to decide!!






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