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Le Tan SPF 30 Coconut Lotion

In Beauty on 01/03/2013 at 06:15

Where I got this: I got this from the January Glam box from Sample Bar. Sorry it’s been a long time to review this, but I was busy reviewing the Skinnies Sungel which was amazing! Check it out here. Anyway, you can get Le Tan Coconut lotion in most pharmacies and Farmers for less than $10.

What I got: This is a tube of Le Tan Coconut Lotion SPF30.

How I find it: I use this on my body, arms, hands and neck. I tried it on my face, but it smells too sweet and a bit too oily for the face. I like to stick to my moisturiser with sunscreen or my Anessa Sunscreen. The sunscreen smells divine, smells like vanilla coconut. The texture is really smooth and silky, the white marks takes a few wipes to smooth out, but it dries rather fast.

Overall: I LOVE the smell and the size so I can take it to travel and put it in my handbag and apply whenever I need to and it also gives a nice smell so that’s a bonus! However, with most of these sunscreen formula, upon sweating, your skin feels sticky and the sunscreen seems to move and transfer (especially to leather seats). When I get home after half a day out, I need to take a shower and take the sunscreen off, it just gets uncomfortable. Overall, this is a nice sunscreen, good for travel, in the car and the handbag.





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