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Lash Card

In Beauty on 01/03/2013 at 10:45

I have short, sparse lashes so everytime I put mascara on, I have to start right at the bottom and up to get all the formula coated to the entire length of my lashes. But every single time, it gets on my eyelid and I’ll have to Q-tip it off. What a hassel! I have heard of lash cards before, but I havent’ tried it. So this is a good opportunity!

Where I got it: I got this from the February glam box from Sample Bar. You can get this on the glam store or from Lash Card’s website. They are USD$ 6.99 for 10.

What I got: This is a pack of 10 of individually packed lash cards, which has a large curve and small curve for bigger eyes and smaller eyes!

How I find it: First time using something like that, I needed a bit of practice. I used the large side to my top lashes, I pressed it against my lash roots and pull them up slightly. Your lashes will be reach up to the card and swipe away with your favourite mascara! My favourite at the moment is one by Dejavu Fibrewig Lash Knock-out.

Overall: It does do its job effortlessly, but it also took away my eyeliner. I had liquid eye liners on and I suppose I really need to let it dry before I use the card. Otherwise, it does a good job preventing my mascara getting on my lids! I can use the same card for multiple times as well (even though it says it is for one application.. :P). I have seen a recent youtube video by Michelle Phan to make your own lash cards from business cards, I think I can stick with that.. Finally I have some use of my old business cards!



20130228-170358.jpgThe text is mirrored so you can see it in the mirror when you apply the mascara! Cute eh?

20130228-172237.jpgPoor me and my lack of lashes.. 😦

20130228-172905.jpgAfter one application (2 eyes)

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