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Oasis Beauty 5-day trial and travel pack for Normal/Combination Skin

In Beauty on 28/02/2013 at 10:14

Where I got this: I got this pack from Oasis beauty NZ (Thank you :)). The New Zealand brand specializes in skincare for sensitive skin, sun protection and skin repair. They are big on sun protection being the utmost important for anti-ageing ingredient and they use natural and certified organic ingredients with no or minimal preservatives (check out their blog here). Their website is full of information ranging from skin diagnosis, customer reviews, skincare tips to expert advice. They offer money-back guarantee and ship worldwide. The best thing is you can buy trial/travel packs before buying the full sized products! Ingredients or active naturals ingredients list available on their website.

What I got: This is a trial and travel pack for combination skin. It includes: Chamomile Cleansing Lotion, Fig & Grape Tonic, An Apple a Day Moisturiser SPF25, Rebalancing Treatment Serum, Rejuvenating Night Balm, Honey & Flax Facial masque, and Tropical Fruit Smoothie.

20130212-143934.jpgLovely box packaging

20130212-143945.jpgTrial sized products – great for first time buyers

How I find it:

I always double cleanse so if I am wearing makeup, I will remove all makeup first with a cleansing oil, then cleanse my skin with a cleanser. The Chamomile cleansing lotion (more like a milk/cream texture) is really gentle and soft on the skin and it smells very soothing. Rinses off very easily without stripping your skin of its natural oils. I usually don’t use cleansing lotion/milk/cream because I find that it doesn’t give me the clean feeling. I do prefer a foam up or a cleanser that lathers up, but if your skin is sensitive, a lotion/milk/cream cleanser is very gentle and less irritating. 20130212-223038.jpg

The tropical fruit smoothie (sounds really yummy) is a gentle exfoliator with small, smooth jojoba beads (round in shape therefore is not abrasive), enzyme action from papaya, and organic ivory clay to cleanse your pores. This is their only exfoliator and it is suitable for all skin types. It is gentle therefore it doesn’t give you the ‘scrubbed up’ feeling of super smooth skin after washing off, but it does its work with the enzyme to remove dead skin cells. Massage onto damp skin with circular motion, and washing off is easy and doesn’t leave your skin sticky or greasy at all. Love it!

20130213-220456.jpgTropical fruit smoothie – exfoliator

The honey and vitamin facial masque is quite thin and the texture feels just like a moisturiser.It glides onto my face very easily and spread evenly. I left it on for 10-15 minutes, the mask doesn’t dry but leaves a bit of a clear film. Washing off will require gentle massaging. First impression of the mask is quite ordinary, it leaves the skin smooth, but I can’t seem to notice any difference to stimulate tired, dull skin. The smell certainly improved my mood, I guess it works in an aromatherapy kind of way!

20130213-220706.jpgHoney & Vitamin facial masque

Fig & Grape toner is a really gentle toner with no alcohol content at all. Smells really yummy, and does not leave my face with a slimy film nor does it makes my skin tight. After cleansing, pat your face dry, then saturate a piece of cotton pad and wipe all over face. Not too bad, but I do prefer a toner with a bit of alcohol to tighten my pores. I do know some people swear to never use any alcohol on their skin, but my combination/oily skin really enjoys it. 😛


Fig & Grape tonic – hydrating and balancing toner

The rebalancing treatment is a oil texture more than a serum texture. I have been very interested in facial oils even though I have combination/oily skin (I believe my skin produce excees oil because it is dehydrated, and if I have way too much water, and not enough oil, the water will evaporate and leave my skin more dehydrated, thus MORE OIL). I have been using Rosehip Oil as well (but not now during hot summer nights in Auckland). This oik, however smells very interesting… smells herbal, and something else I can’t put my finger on.. Anyway, the oil takes a bit of time to sink into my skin, therefore you only need like 2-3 drops for the whole face. I think I need to use this longer to see the full effects.

20130213-220715.jpgRebalancing treatment serum – more like an oil

An apple a day moisturiser SPF25 is a fruity-smelling day moisturiser with SPF25. It is a cream/lotion texture which is a little bit too rich for me. It takes a bit of time to absorb and sink in, but I would like it if it helps with some shine control. Otherwise, it didn’t break me out or give me allergic reactions! By the way, I have been using this day and night for 2 weeks and I can see that I still have enough for next week!

20130216-202320.jpgAn apple a day moisturiser SPF25

Last item, the rejuvenating night balm. It has a thick texture, pretty much like the day moisturiser. It is quite a heavy cream for my combination/oily skin. I only applied a small amount and it moisturises my whole face. After about half an hour, my face is quite oily. Definitely good for someone with dry skin as a good night moisturiser.

20130226-210941.jpgNight balm – was a bit too rich for my combination skin

Overall: Sorry this has been a long review and there is a lot to get through. Just to recap, I really enjoyed the gentle chamomile cleanser, fruit smoothie exfoliator, serum and the toner. As for the mask and moisturiers, I think they are too rich for my skin type. Overall, the products did not give me breakouts or caused any allergic reactions. The fragrance was enjoyable, nothing too strong and overwhelming because it dissipate soon after application.

Oasis Beauty offers a $10 voucher for every product review you do on their website. Once they approve of your review, they will send you a voucher code and you can use up to 3 voucher codes per purchase. Isn’t that just great?? I am going to do my reviews now and buy some skincare!

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