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Skinnies sungel SPF30

In Beauty on 19/02/2013 at 09:40

Don’t you just hate the having to apply greasy white sunscreen repeatedly and the white marks seems forever to spread even? Skinnies is a new ‘sungel’ formula that contains no water, that means it doesn’t need to be applied 15 minutes prior, doesn’t wear off after swimming/sweating, and best of all no greasy white marks!

I first read about this on a recent local magazine my sister gave me (Thanks CY!). I am glad I did because I came by this lovely product invented by New Zealanders from the sunny Hawkes Bay area (love the sauv blanc and chardonnays around there). They also DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!

Where I got it: You can get a tube of this from many stockists in New Zealand like Life Pharmacies, Smith & Caughey, etc. Here is a list of stockists. It retails for NZD$34.95 for a 100mL of this good stuff. A 100mL tube will last you a long time because as the tube says a little goes a long way!

What is this: This is a new type of sun protection. Notice that its not a sunscreen because it is not your usual sunscreen. This is a SPF 30 gel that contains no water, no preservatives, no parabens, no fragrance and no oil. Having no water in the formula makes this sun gel very easy to apply and dries in 2 minutes, so no more of waiting 15 minutes for the sunscreen to set before going out in the sun. It is a gel based formula so it is not greasy at all and does not wear off with sweating or swimming (unless of course if you swim and wipe down vigorously..) It blocks UVA and UVB rays and has added vitamin E. This is suitable for the whole body and face.

How I find it: I apply it after moisturiser in the morning. Just a pea size (picture below) would do the whole face because the gel texture is really easy to spread and it doesn’t just run pass your skin, it really does stay on. When I first applied it on my face, I thought it was greasy, but it is actually the gel spreading so smooth that it ‘feel’s greasy. Within a minute, the gel is set and there is no white marks at all (smells OK, but I don’t prefer anything that has a strong fragrance.. it can be irritating). I then apply makeup over the sungel with no problems at all. I can’t really tell when it wears off, because by the time it’s dried, there are no tell-tale signs of the sungel anymore.

I go through the day as usual (office job with a/c on all day), then I come home, apply sunscreen on my arms (about and legs, got out the door to walk my dog (sun is still up in these summer days, yay!). I got home with just a bit of sweat on my arms, but when I touch my skin, I can still feel the sungel on my skin. It is a very interesting feeling on my skin to be honest, its not oily or greasy… kind of rubbery. There’s something on my skin, but its not silky smooth, and not oily and thick. For cleaning up, I went straight to the shower and washed down with body cleanser with a puff. For the face, I go for a double cleanse (I do this by norm), first with a makeup remover, then facial cleanser. The rubbery feeling is totally gone and my skin is back to silky smooth.

Overall: I already spread the word to my sister about this sungel and she loves it and wants a tube herself! I love this sungel and honestly I have been using it everyday since the day I got it. The gel texture is so addictive that I just put it on the back of my hand just to feel the texture! One more thing to note, my usual body sunscreen would leave white marks that is hard to remove on my husband’s leather car seats (he hates it :P), but this sungel doesn’t leave any marks at all! So this is a big bonus that they didn’t mention in their website! 😀 Please check out their website and facebook for more information (Olly is a really friendly Kiwi bloke that will answer all your curly questions) and check out Skinnies in your local stockist (try the tester it is offered).

20130216-202743.jpgEasy squeeze tube so you get every last drop!

20130216-202751.jpgPea size is all you need for your face (no white sunscreen here!)

  1. Looks good! Is it a Kiwi brand?

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