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ELF cosmetics mini haul- blush, tone correcting powder and brow set

In Beauty on 05/02/2013 at 19:35

Where I got these: I got these from trade me because we don’t have an ELF store in NZ and the elf (NZ) website doesn’t stock some of their items. I got the tone correcting powder for $9.90 and the blushes for $9.90 each. The brow set is $8.00.

What I got: I got the tone correcting powder for cool skin tone (I actually have warm skin tone, but I only knew there was a difference when I got my hands on this), brow set in Light (Again, I am actually medium/dark but I didn’t look before I buy), and two blushes (giddy glow and gotta glow).

The Tone Correcting Powder is a compact with very light shades: pink for overall glow, blue to brighten, yellow to counteract purple shades and green to balance out redness. I applied with a fluffy powder brush as a overall powder. 20130125-213602.jpgTone-correcting powder (cool skin tone)

20130125-213630.jpgSwatch L-R: yellow, blue, pink, green

The brow set has a dark brown gel (which is the perfect colour for my brows suprisingly), and the light taupe colour doesn’t show up on my brows so I used it as a contouring shade for my nose (which is perfect!! I love it! I have been looking around to find a good taupe for shading!!) It comes with a little dual-ended brush and it is not so nice to hold).

20130125-213916.jpgBrow set (light)

The Giddy glow is a orange/tan blush with gold shimmers, the shimmer is not overwhelming, but it does show my pores a little bit (any good recommendations for a non-shimmery blush/highlighter?). Giddy glow gives a nice natural blush/tan on my yellow under-tone skin. I use a blush brush to apply and so far its going quite well. Gotta glow is a white highlighter with gold shimmers. I use it just on my cheek bones and on my brow bone to create a lifted effect on those areas. I have also used it on my bridge of my nose to create a straighter nose with a small fluffy brush. The effects were quite prominent and I like it.

20130125-213725.jpgGiddy Glow

20130125-213820.jpgGotta Glow

20130125-213840.jpgSwatch L-R: Giddy Glow, Gotta Glow (Sorry, either the swatch or my camera is not very good)

Overall: The tone-correcting powder and the blushes tends to fly everywhere when you use a brush on it, and it flies everywhere which I don’t like, but that’s not everyone’s concern. I was actually looking for NARS Albatross highlighter when I came across someone’s review that the ELF has a nice dupe for it, so I went in for a try. I cannot compare because I don’t own any NARS blushes, but so far the ELF blush is doing the trick! Overall, I love the colours I got for the blushes, and I actually quite like the tone-correcting powder even thought it was for the wrong skin tone. Made the overall tone of my face quite fair and bright without being ghost-like.

The ELF products are really affordable and of decent quality so I will be buying more! I am looking forward to try the other blush colour that is said to be a dupe for the NARS Orgasm!! Also their eye primers as well! Let’s put that in my shopping list….

Do you have a favorite ELF product? What do you think about the NARS and ELF blushes?

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