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Mask House Diamond V Fit facial slimming mask

In Beauty on 28/01/2013 at 05:20

Where I got this: I got this on Sasa.com while they were having a promotion for $16.90NZD. (this trial pack is out of stock at the moment). Here is the link for their full sized product for $44.40NZD (6 piece. They are having a buy one get one 50% sale at the moment.. which makes it about.. $5.55NZD a piece – 28.1.13)

What I got: I got a trial pack of the Diamond V Fit facial slimming mask from Mask House (Korean brand). The trial pack includes the facial slimming band and one diamond v fit mask. It claims to slim your chin/jaw area by promoting blood circulation and burning excess fat by heat.



20130119-181902.jpgHow I find it: After cleansing, I measured my face with the paper tape (23mm) from ear to ear. I then opened the mask packet and put the mask on my chin/jaw area as per instructions. The mask heats up so fast! Then I aligned the slimming band to my chin, then hook it to my ears and fit the band on the top of my head and pull the Velcro over. The mask should be fully covered by the slimming band and the and the band should hold your face tight. After 30-40mins, take the band off and remove the mask. Massage the essence in until absorbed. Measure your face again and see the results (22cm)!!!

Overall: I am very amazed with the results and how hit the mask is the whole time! The slimming band holds up my chin very well, I am thinking of other ways to make use of this. The effects are not permanent, and you need about a month’s time to fully see long lasting results. The masks are rather expensive, so I don’t know if I could be able to afford doing this long term. But if you have a day out/date adn you want a slimmer-looking face, by all means try this out!

20130127-001720.jpgMeasuring from ear to ear – 23cm


20130127-001746.jpgWith the slimming band

20130127-001758.jpgSlimming band with ear holes and strapped on top of my head (looks kinky)

20130127-001806.jpgView from my chin up

20130127-001813.jpgAfter 40mins – 22cm!

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  3. I bought this trial pack (one mask and one slimming band) and it takes two weeks to deliver. Once I use up the one mask, what should I do? Can I just use a regular mask? Will the slimming band work by its self?

    • Hi Jia, I think the slimming band would work with other masks, but it should work best with the slimming mask because it does heat up. I haven’t tried it with another brand before, but I might try it!

  4. Wonderful post~ 🙂
    I was just wondering how many times a week I should use it?
    Thank you!

    • Thank you Vanessa! The effects of the mask only lasts for about a day so I would either use it 2 times a week or whenever you need your face to look slim for the day 🙂

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