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Yeswalker Push Lock Satchel bag review

In Fashion on 15/01/2013 at 14:00

Where I got these: I am very delighted to have the opportunity to have a one-off collaboration with Yeswalker to review one of their bags I have chosen from their website. These are USD$58.00 or NZD$70.54. This also comes in brown, light mustard yellow and dark blue. I chose black because I think I was after a black bag, but I would absolutely go for the brown of the mustard yellow!

What I got: this is a push lock satchel in black with shoulder straps. It measures 215mm high, 335mm bottom width, 335mm opening width, 140mm depth. It has two short handles (150mm) and an adjustable shoulder strap (400mm total length). There are 3 main compartments with gold tone hardware zips. There is an overall push lock over the top of the bag. The front is a rough suede and faux leather to the rest of the bag and cotton lining. All hardware is gold tone.

How I find it:

  • Size. I love the size of this bag. I am around 160cm tall and a size 10. It can carry my long Gucci wallet, my rather large cosmetics bag, packet of tissues, tube of hand cream, keys, phone and mints.
  • Versatility. I can wear it on my elbow, on my hands, and on my shoulder and cross body! I love carrying my bag on my hands and elbow when it is more of a dinner party, on my shoulder when I take a stroll and shopping, and cross body when I’m out grocery shopping when I need my hands free. The number of compartments are also a plus for organizing your items if you have heaps of little items. Zips are also essential for keeping bits and bobs safe.
  • Style. The size an simple design of the bag is good for almost all occasions. Gold tone hardware against black is very versatile whether it is casual shopping or remove the straps for a fancier dinner.


  • Structure. The bag itself is quite soft and lacks structure. It does not stand up without me stuffing paper in the bag for the photos. The bag came in without stuffing and the back panel folded down therefore a long crease was formed. The base is also very soft so it will sag with heavy items. I also dislike the ends of the handles which is quite stubborn, I have to fold the ends back to try and tame it.
  • Hardware. The push lock at the front does not lock properly. The lock pops open very easily because the bar over the push lock is just too loose.
  • Material and quality. For the price of this bag, I was not expecting high quality stitching and fabric, but there is a bad stitching on the shoulder strap where the thread scrunched up. The suede material at the front was quite rough and looks a bit cheap. The lining is of cotton and so far, no ripping of the internal stitching.

20121227-202721.jpgFront with shoulder straps

20121227-202730.jpgFront without shoulder straps

20121227-202739.jpgSide view

20121227-202747.jpgBack view

20121227-202800.jpgPush lock (locked)

20121227-202808.jpgPush lock (open)

20121227-202826.jpgTop view (without overall strap)

20121227-202919.jpgTop view (with overall strap)

20121227-202841.jpgMiddle compartment

20121227-202849.jpgStubborn handle straps

20121227-202856.jpgI folded the ends of the handles to tame it

20121227-202904.jpgShoulder strap attachment

20121227-202911.jpgBad stitching on shoulder straps

Will be posting photos of how I match this bag with different outfits!

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