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Marvis Toothpaste

In Beauty on 10/01/2013 at 09:33

Where I got this: I got this from the November glam box from Sample Bar. You can also get these from the glam store at sample bar for $14.50.

What is this: this is a travel size tube of toothpaste in amarelli licorice flavor by Marvis (made in Italy). They have many other flavors like whitening mint, jasmine mint and aquatic mint that I want to try as well! It is known as the ‘Chanel’ of toothpastes (wow). Lets try it out!

How I find this: Honestly, I left this very last to try because: 1. I’m not fussy about my toothpaste, 2. I hate licorice, HATE IT. I sniffed the tub to look for a distinctive licorice smell, but nothing. I twist the cap off and removed the seal and still no yucky smell! I am still using it twice everyday!

Overall: the toothpaste produces good foam (if that’s the correct oral hygiene term) and does not stink of licorice much! Yay! The only thing that is quite different is its texture and the clean teeth feeling afterwards. The texture is quite dry when it comes out of the tube instead of this semi-runny type you get from Colga*e (or other brands). Also, after brushing, it makes my teeth kinda.. Squeaky if you know what I mean… When I grind my front teeth together, it is like grinding unpolished porcelain. I can’t describe it good, but it’s just weird.



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