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Galderma Benzac AC 10%

In Beauty on 10/01/2013 at 09:38

Where I got this: I got this is a local pharmacy (Life Pharmacy if you are in New Zealand). I forgot how much. This is pharmacy medicine only so I think you can only get these from pharmacies, but you don’t need a prescription.

What is this: This is a 50g tube of 10% benzoyl peroxide water based acne gel. I would actually call this a cream texture instead of a gel as you can see in the picture. They have 5% if you are new to benzoyl peroxide.

How I find this so far: If you are into acne or pimple treatment you would know that benzoyl peroxide is like a bleach and it will dry your skin out if you apply too much. You also need to wear sunscreen during daytime. I use this as a localised topical treatment which means I apply this only to the affected area (I tried to apply this all over my cheeks but it dries my skin out and made it flakey). This dries clear and you just need to be sure it doesn’t get onto clothes because it will bleach!

Overall: One tube lasts me forever.. now that my skin is so much nicer now from the wonderful Clarisonic Mia!! I hardly need to use this! But I do love it, it helps clear my breakouts so fast and if applied correctly, it does its job and nothing else! For some of you that have sensitive skin, I suggest you start with a 5% or less because it might cause your skin to peel. I’ve also used another topical gel that treats pimples called Skinoren which is much more gentle.




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