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Moroccan treatment oil

In Beauty on 31/12/2012 at 00:20

Where I got this: I got this from my hair dresser (LAN in new market). I have bought a bottle of this before from Rodney Wayne and finished it.

What it is: this is a 100ml bottle of Moroccan oil treatment. This comes in a glass bottle with a pump. The oil has a strong scent so if you don’t like the smell it’s gonna be quite unbearable. The consistency and texture of the oil is quite fluid and not oily that it sticks to you hand and weights you hair down like a smoothing cream.

How I find it: I use this after washing my hair and before blow drying my hair. I also use it to smooth my hair from frizzy.

Overall: I’ve used a bottle of this before and I loved it. I have really frizzy unruly hair, I would say its damaged and dry. You will need a couple of uses to see some improvement for really damaged hair. It can do a good job smoothing hair, but to make hair shiny and soft like the ads.. It’s not working for me yet. However, this oil is much better than others I’ve used.

I also bought the Moroccan oil hair intense hydrating mask which is doing great so far!




  1. […] my hair much softer and smoother, but it is still frizzy after my hair is dried. I also use the Moroccan oil treatment oil in conjunction before blow-drying (I usually just let it dry naturally). Love this, I will buy this […]

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