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Moroccan oil intense hydrating treatment

In Beauty on 31/12/2012 at 02:26

Where I got this: I go this from the LAN hair salon for about $56 (I forgot). You can get these from many hair salons and from Shampoo n Things.

What is this:  This is a 250ml tub of the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydration treatment mask suitable for medium to think dry hair type.

How I find this: At first, I thought it would be a rather thin consistency and would last only for 10-15 uses, but when I opened it, the texture of the mask looks pretty thick, like lard (haha). I shampoo my hair as usual, finish off my shower then towel dry my hair like usual. I then apply 1/4 of a palm full of this mask all over my hair (I have had a hair cut and my hair is now just about 5cm below my shoulders), I like to concentrate on my ends. I then clip it up and put a shower cap on and wrap a towel over it. I let it work for 5-10 minutes (I like to leave it longer), then rinse off.

Overall: I love this mask, I love the smell. My hair is quite damaged and dry, therefore it will need more than 2 weeks of treatment. I do this 2 times a week and I think this will last me at least a month. I do feel my hair much softer and smoother, but it is still frizzy after my hair is dried. I also use the Moroccan oil treatment oil in conjunction before blow-drying (I usually just let it dry naturally). Love this, I will buy this again.





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