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Nail polish: Dior Holiday ’12 Diorific Vernis in 751 Marilyn

In Nails on 31/12/2012 at 01:00

Where I got this: I got this as my Christmas present from my hubby! At first, I wasn’t too impressed with the colour choice because I don’t wear much reds, but I am growing into loving them! Especially now they are on my hands!

What is this: This is a 12ml bottle of Dior Holiday ’12 Diorific Vernis in 751 Marilyn. Also comes in Lady (beautiful white colour), Diorling ( lovely nude with gold particles) and Diva (a elegant black with shimmer(?)).

How I find it: The limited edition bottle design is so cute with gold tone cap (but the cap can be quite hard to twist open I imagine if you have hand cream/polish gets dried around the bottle neck). The brush is just a normal sized black brush (I prefer to wide brush). This is a true red colour and a single coat gives a sort of semi-translucent colour, but still vibrant and no brush strokes in sight! The formula is on the thick side so colour pay off is very good. This time I have applied an Orly Bonder base coat (as usual), 2 coats of the Marilyn and a thick Seche Vite top coat (I love love love this top coat, I’ve already got myself a backup bottle). The first coat dries in normal speed, 2nd coat takes longer, but with the top coat applied, I could touch my nails within 2 minutes without making a dent (I have this funny habit of testing the dryness of my polish with a gentle touch with my lower lip.. weird huh?).

Overall: I would need to do a road test of this nail polish for a few weeks before I do a final review, but here’s the immediate results! Just wished that I got this before my work christmas party!


This is after day one (I haven’t done zip today)

This is after day 3 (been doing some housework)


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