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Prada Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote with shoulder straps in Nero

In Fashion on 28/12/2012 at 10:05

28/12/12: Updated with new photos

Where I got this: I got this from the Prada in DFS galleria on Customs Street Auckland. The bag is $2230NZD retail and my sister’s friend has VIP discount and its even better than the duty free price! I was contemplating getting the bag from Reebonz or elsewhere online, but I don’t want to risk getting something fake or bad quality.. at least I could check the bag personally and get it exchanged or refund much easier!

What I got: This is the Prada Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote with shoulder strap. I know that these totes come in different sizes, with/without zips and with/without shoulder straps. It is also in a range of colours and mine is Nero (black). My sister Amy has hers in Agrilla.

Saffiano leather in Nero (specially treated calf leather that is more resistant to scratches and repels water)

Double handle (carry on my hands or hang on my forearms)

Detachable shoulder strap (I am about 1.58m tall and the strap sits perfectly on the side of my hips. wearing it on the side for a casual look. Hooks )

Gold plated hardware (I love the black leather with the gold hardware. Looks really classy. Double zip = more hardware = looks more expensive)

Snap closure on both sides (this can be closed for a more narrow look or opened for a wider opening. There is a funny little stitch under one of the snap button on each side which is the stitching from inside shoulder strap hooks)

Three pockets: 2 zipper pockets and one middle compartment ,3 inside pockets – 1 zipper, 2 open ( I like bags with zips so I can store things more securely, even though the middle compartment is open, the opening is not wide so that’s OK).

Prada logo lining (this is a black nylon lining and it is apparently one of the cons of this bag because it is quite a cheap material as lining. )

L30 x H20 x W13 cm (this is a great size, you can put a 15″ macbook inside. This fits my Gucci long

 wallet and my make-up essentials with room to spare).

How I find it so far: The quality of the bag is really good ( I also love the leather smell). I have no problems with stitches coming loose so far (as heard from other users), but I haven’t actually used it so I can’t tell. The bag came in a matching colour dust bag with leather drawstrings (my sister’s agrilla came in a lighter coloured dust bag). I am actually waiting for Prada to give me a box so I can store it properly.. I have yet to use it a few times to give a full review. When that day comes, I’ll probably just update this post! Until then, here are some photos!


Picked it up from mum’s place! Gosh the paper bag is huge…Can’t wait to open the dust bag!


Black dust bag with leather drawstrings


Prada Saffiano leather


Proud owner!

CompileMore photos! (updated 28/12/12)

DetailsMore photos of the details (updated 28/12/12)

P.S: Does anyone have tips on how to take care of the saffiano leather? If so, please comment!

Will post more photos or the bag in action!

  1. It is gorgeous. I bought a nylon Prada bag last year at a consignment shop for $115 US. I love it.

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