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Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

In Beauty on 10/12/2012 at 05:36

Where I got this: I got this from the November glam box from sample bar. You could get this from lush stores.

What is this: this is a 45mL pot of body conditioner from Lush. This is a hair conditioner for your hair! It is a lotion texture with a yummy fragrance.

How I find this: at first try, I put it my the back of my hand as a body lotion before I read the instructions. It felt pretty sticky and hard to absorb. When I looked at the instruction, it actually works exactly like hair conditioners: it needs to be washed off! Silly me.

Overall: Firstly the smell is quite strong and lasting, it rubs off onto my towel and clothes abit, so if you don’t like the smell it will be quite annoying. Second, it is quite ‘oily’ therefore I think it is better for someone with dry skin. I used it once in the shower and my tiled shower was quite slippery afterwards I have to scrub it (I can’t stand a dirty shower). After that, I only use it on my hands and arms over the sink. The only down side is that I think it is too oily, otherwise very moisturising and leaves your skin really soft.




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