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Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-on kit

In Beauty on 05/12/2012 at 10:46

Where I got this: I got this for a product review from the Soup project.

Soup project is a product review/word-of-mouth program that is available in Australia and New Zealand. They carefully select participants suitable for the product and what the brand (Veet in this instance) would like to market. Each time they have a product out for review that fits your preference profile (completed when you join Soup), they will send you a survey. A few days after you have completed the survey, they will send you an email letting you know whether you qualify or not and what they will be sending you. They encourage heaps of interaction with your friends and family, sharing on your blogs and on their website forum. They even send you discount vouchers to give away, cards and brochures to hold your own ‘sharing parties’.

What is this: This is the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-on kit. This is an at-home hot waxing kit where it claims to be easy, fast and no-fuss. The kit has an applicator with a pink lid, a wax cartridge for body and legs, power cord, applicator stand, 4 finishing wipes, about 15 waxing strips (I didn’t count). Put the wax cartridge in the applicator and plug it in. The light will turn on indicating that it is starting to heat up the wax. Wait for about 20 minutes for the wax to get to the right temperature. Apply directly to the skin/hair along the hair growth, press the strips down firmly, hold the skin taut and pull back in one sharp stroke.

How I find this: This is the first time I use this type of waxing at home and honestly, it didn’t go very well (2nd try was much better). Long story short, the wax was hot, but I couldn’t get it onto my skin. After several tries on my forearm, I managed to get it working properly by giving the applicator a bit of a squeeze. The wax came out perfectly in a even layer. The results was pretty impressive and it felt like an achievement when I saw all that hair on the waxing strip! The residue was on the skin is a pain to remove if you don’t use the finishing wipes. The finishing wipes are oily and it acts as a soothing wipe after waxing.

Overall: You need practice a bit if you are using this for the first time, but when you know how to use it, it is very easy to use and basically no cleaning to do afterwards. Result is clean, smooth, hairless skin without the fuss and clean up afterwards (just pop the cap back on). Just make sure you don’t wet the wax/applicator otherwise the wax won’t work. The finishing wipe soothes the skin and no redness after waxing at all! Only downside is there is not enough strips to use and one wax cartridge can only go for 4 applications ( I think that means 4 x both legs.. ?). I will be sharing this waxing kit with my sisters this weekend! Fun!


Below: wax cartridge inside the applicator on the stand, plugged in (lights on).20121204-234735.jpg

Below: finishing wipes and pack of strips.20121204-234728.jpg

Below: my hairy arm. Hair is about 4mm long. I usually don’t remove hair from my arm.20121204-234743.jpg

Below:  hair removed!!!! This is a thin layer of wax on that strip, but the hair on my arm is quite thin so it is easy to remove.20121204-234750.jpg

Below: this is the applicator on the wax cartridge (yes, the wax is pink!). When you finish, just pop the cap back on and store!20121204-234757.jpg


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