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Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel

In Beauty on 01/12/2012 at 09:34

Where I got this: I got this from the Glam box from Sample Bar along with other products.

What is this: This is a 150mL tube of instant bronzing gel from Trilogy. This is a very lightweight gel with golden shimmers and smells like caramel!

How I find this: I tried it right away when I pull it out if the box. Tried it my the back of my left hand. It took like 15 minutes to fully see the bronzing effects. The gel texture spreads so easily and dries within seconds. The golden shimmer is beautiful but tends to stay on my fingers instead my the back of my hand.

Overall: It has been a day since I put the first layer on and it’s giving me a nice tanned colour on the back of my hand. It is not an orange tan, but very natural. I can’t really compare with other self-tan products because I don’t use any. You can apply everyday to gradually build up the tan, otherwise it will fade in 2-3 days.

Below is a few pictures including me using this on my left leg for 5 days to see the build up on the tan. Please excuse the lighting and my camera not doing such a good job.




First applied (below): very light, dries fast, not drying and no staining. The effects was an instant shimmer on my legs but little bronzing effect. I forgot to wash my hands afterwards so my palms were tanned 😛20121125-205954.jpgSecond day (below): I reapplied everyday to build up the tan. The tan didn’t show up so obvious on my legs for some reason. I think it is there, but just that it is not very visible to the eyes.


Third day (below): You can see a bit of tan in the low lighting. The tan is very natural and I love how it can be built up so that you don’t turn up looking too tanned… Unless that’s what you want!20121128-224543.jpgFourth day (below):


Fifth day (below): finally better lighting!! The tan is very obvious now (I should start letting it wear off otherwise my legs will look so funny in two different shades!). So overall the tan is so natural and healthy, I love it! I usually don’t use self-tanning lotion because I’ve had a bad experience long time ago (patchy tanned legs), but I’m sporting a tanned look this summer!! woohoo!20121201-221606.jpg


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