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Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

In Beauty on 27/11/2012 at 08:48

Where I got this: I got this in the supermarket for $4.00 NZD about 4 weeks ago. You can get this in any supermarket or pharmacy.

What is this: this is a mango pie flavor lip balm by may Maybelline. I have heard good things about this and now I am giving this a try. This is a twist up lip balm with a pull off lid.

How I find it: I quite like it so far. Even though I still love my Lucas papaw ointment, this is easy to carry and convenient. I love the smell and it doesn’t taste plastic-y.

Overall: this lip balm is great. You don’t need $30+ lip balms to keep dry and flaky lips at bay, this 4 dollar lip balm does the job! I apply it in the morning and until I eat something or wipe it off, it lasts a long long time. There are other flavors as well and u can’t wait to buy some more!


  1. I love these lip balms! Not sticky and glides on easily!

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