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Laneige Perfect Renew Sleeping Treatment

In Beauty on 25/11/2012 at 08:30

Where I got this: I got this in the laneige counter in Hong Kong a few years back. I forgot how much.

What is this: this is a 40ml of treatment gel at the bottom compartment and 10g of moisturizing powder on the top with a plush cotton applicator puff.

How I find this: first of all, I love the puff and the smell! I use this before I go to sleep after applying toner. I skip moisturiser because my face will get too congested. You apply a small amount on the entire face and pat on the powder over the gel. It must be pressed/patted on. DO NOT rub in. The white powder will whiten you face a bit. Wash your face as normal the next morning.

Overall: the gel and powder is light and not sticky. I live this sleeping treatment but unfortunately they don’t sell this anymore. 😦 Morning after, my skin feels really really smooth and hydrated. So no oil in the morning! Lasts a long long time!





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