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Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick

In Beauty on 24/11/2012 at 19:40

I am not much of a lip stick user, I prefer lip gloss or lip stain so I don’t own much lip sticks. But I recently got interested in the texture of lip sticks and they are more sophisticated. So here I got some lip sticks!

Where I got this: I got the first one (right-950 Pink beam) at a random makeup sale for like $4. Then I got my second one (left-420 Coral pop) from Kmart for $15 while it was on sale. I got the third one (middle-465 Madison mauve) on Trademe for $7.50. These are available from Farmers, pharmacies, etc. You can get them at good prices on Trademe or Ebay.

What is this: This is a Maybelline colour sensational lipstick. It is quite moisturising and colour pay off is very nice and buildable.

How I find it: 950 Pink beam is pretty much a translucent pink shimmer, it is buildable but to a certain extent it will be too nude for my natural lip colour. I would use pink beam in the middle of my lips as a highlighter or use it to create ombré lips.
420 Coral pop was actually a new colour to me because I’ve always been with reds and pinks and neutral colours. This coral is very pigmented, I need really exfoliated and moisturised lips to carry this because it does not have any shimmer so it is not so easy to wear. But none the less, love the colour, it is so good for summer and makes me look younger!
I came across 465 Madison mauve when I was searching for a purple lipstick. This is not very purple but close enough and easy to wear. I would say that it has a blue iridescent in it, and it works so well with my skin colour. Exactly what I was looking for: dark lipstick, bit of shimmer and purple tone. I love this, I wear this to work, dinner, dates, etc.

Overall: I love the colours I got. ‘Solid’ colours are harder to wear while shimmery colours are so pretty. It is not very moisturising and goes not stay very long. It is transferable so when you drink out if a glass or cup it wears off. Otherwise nice lip stuck and wide range of colour.




  1. I love these lipped! I have a few of the pinky borwn shimmery ones.
    Affordable too! 🙂 x

  2. thanks for swatching these!


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