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Moa the green balm

In Beauty on 20/11/2012 at 07:46

Where I got this: I got this from the October Glam Box from Sample Bar. You could also get them from their website. It is £4.99 for a 15ml, £9.99 for 50ml.

What is this: This is a 15ml pot of balm made from 100% natural ingredients with no parabens, colouring, perfume, etc. and not tested on animals. The balm is semi-translucent and very soft. It is rather hard to describe, but its kind of like Vick’s vapour rub. Of course without the menthol smell!

How I find it: I have this little pot in my office drawer and I use it for my lips, chapped nose, dry elbows, dry heels, cuticles, anywhere! I love love love the tea tree oil in the balm! When you dip your fingers in, it melts right away and you know this stuff is good.

Overall: I love this balm, this little pot is going to last me a long time! When I put this on my elbow (I have dry pigmented elbows.. eww), it moisturises and soothes the area for the whole day without being greasy! I have this in my hand all the time, putting it on my hand and elbows constantly not because I need to reapply so frequently, but I love it so much I want to put it on again and again! I will definitely recommend this and repurchase this.


  1. http://sweetangelbebe.com/mall/moa -> usa free shipping (ship from usa)

  2. […] and it is not sticky. I can see that this will last me forever.. like 3 years! I am still using my Moa Green Balm at work and I have so many lip balms/skin balms at the moment my heels, elbow and ankles are […]

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