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ModelCo turbo lash wand

In Beauty on 19/11/2012 at 10:52

Where I got this: I have been wanting to buy a heated lash curler for a long time but I’ve just been procrastinating because I want to save up for a handbag (Mulberry Alexa or Chloe Paraty??)… but luckily I got this from the October glam box from sample bar! I haven’t been able to find his in my local Farmers or pharmacy tho.

What is this: this is a battery operated heated eyelash curler. It operates with a single AA battery, come with a little cleaner brush and cap.

How I find it: first I curl my lashes, then apply mascara, wait for it to dry then switch the heated lash curler on and wait for a few seconds an press it gently against my lashes for about 3 seconds. You can feel a bit of heat against you eyelid but that’s all safe.

Overall: It’s not a miracle product and I actually need to use it on its own (ie without curling beforehand) to see the full results. But none the less, the curl achieved it quite pretty and it lasted! (Note: I used the dejavu lash knockout mascara and the loreal lash extension mascara on 2 separate occasions). I post some before and after photos up soon!



  1. ~ Thanks for this great post!..
    I am always looking for tips about eyelashes, mascara, as I have really such super straight lashes and when a curl lasts makes my eyes look bigger and gorgeous..

    I so love sharing with others about great products I have tried ~ The best ever“ eyelash curler I have ever found is the Hot Lashes eyelash curler, makeup Artist kit. Loved the reviews on Amazon and was impressed. There is also a site of the same name HotLashes.com.

    This curler is exactly like the gold Shu Uemura curler with a great 24K gold plated curler and this small pink heater base. Keeps my straight lashes curling till the next day….and no crimp, only a curl..I so HTH~

    • Thanks for reading! I have very little lashes but I don’t have a big problem with curling them. My sister on the other hand, has straight and short lashes like you. I will definitely suggest that to her! Thank you!

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