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Clinique Stay-matte oil free foundation

In Beauty on 10/11/2012 at 13:25

Where I got this: I got this as a sample from the local Clinique counter as they have a promotion going.

What is this: this is a 10-day supply of the Clinique Stay-matte oil free liquid foundation in number 6. This has no SPF and is low-medium coverage. This is not a very moisturizing foundation, but more oil controlling.

How I find this: I usually use number 5 for Clinique’s foundation (I used Even better foundation and Superfit foundation). This is the same liquid texture, nothing special if you have already used Clinique’s liquid foundation. The colour is so close to number 5 as well. I use a primer like always and The first photo is my bare skin (with moisturiser of course), next is one think layer, the other is 2 layers. Mind you, my layers are really thin applied with fingertips.

Overall: I applied in the morning for work and by lunchtime, my face is just a little oily, but not too bad (I have oily/combination skin). The colour is still true except for around the nose area and some areas of creases. It is low-medium coverage which gives a natural finish, great for my type of work. Didn’t really cover up my scars so well tho.

Beware: photos of bad skin below! 😛 please bare with me!




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