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Facial Fresh Tea Tree Cloth Mask

In Beauty on 22/10/2012 at 10:01

How I got this: I got this from the October Sample Bar box. Single sheet costs $8.95 AUD on the website.

What is this: This is a single pack of tea tree facial treatment mask by Facial Fresh. This tea tree version claims to cleanse, purify and clarify. Suitable for congested skin, clogged-pores, mild breakouts or blemishes.

How I find this: I used this last night, cut the paper packet off and pulled the foiled packet out and cut that as well. There is a lot of lotion in the packet and the mask was dripping!

Ok, let’s talk about the cutting and texture of the mask first. The mask cloth is quite thin and not stretchy. The cutting of the eyes are quite small and close together. The nose is alright, but it did not stick to the bridge of my nose. The mouth cutting is quite small and very low. I have Asian features so you would imaging small eyes and flat-ish nose. My mouth is not that big. So I think the cutting is quite bad.

Other than that, there is just too much lotion in the mask. The material of the mask also did nothing to hold the lotion so it was dripping at my chin and dried up fast on my forehead.

Overall: I would not buy this as it is on the expensive side and the quality was not so good. Even though it did not cause my skin to break out, but the bad cutting and bad quality of the mask caused this to go in the not-repurchase bin. I could recommend much better cloth masks. Please check out my skin care product review index page!





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