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Benefit Porefessional Balm

In Beauty on 12/10/2012 at 01:17

Where I got this: I got this in SOGO while I was in Hong Kong in May. SOGO was having a big sale and this was part of a set of 4 full sized products. The set was about $900+HKD.

What is this: This is sort of a primer to smooth out pores and diminish the look of pores. This is a full sized 22ml tube product of Benefit. This is pretty much like the usual pore balms which are silicon based gel-like cream. It has a light tint of skin colour, but it doesn’t do much in concealing.

How I find this so far: I apply this before I put my foundation on and only on and around my nose, and where I have large pores. The silicon based balm is smooth and easy to spread. Foundation/BB cream does not cake up over this balm and it seems to make my face makeup last longer and keeps shine at bay (not too long though..)

Overall: I’ve tried a number of pore minimizing balms, but the silicon base can react to the foundation if you know what I mean. It will create this eraser residue texture. However, this goes on really smooth and does not have this eraser thing happening! However, this is a bit pricey so I don’t think I can afford to use this everyday and keep re-purchasing.



  1. […] it works great as smoothing things out, but for foundation to last longer, it does an ok job. The benefit porefessional does a far better job as a primer to make foundation last […]

  2. […] Benefit porefessional primer: concentrate on the nose cheeks where my pores are large. […]

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