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Mario Badescu Silver Powder

In Beauty on 24/09/2012 at 19:27

updated 5/1/13

Where I got this: I got this at Glamorpuss in new market, Auckland. They are the only retail shop that sells Mario Badescu in Auckland (whew!) I got this ages ago so I can’t remember how much it was… Sorry!

What is this: this is the a tub of Silver Powder by Mario Badescu, a white powder (kinda sticky powder if you know what I mean. It’s not fine and dusty). The main ingredients are zinc oxide, kaolin and calcium carbonate. This is to open up pores, getting it ready for blackhead extraction. I love using this before a pore strip. It makes it work so well!

How I find this so far: I use this after cleaning my skin. I dampen a cotton pad and press it into the jar of white powder. The powder sticks to the damp cotton pad and you wipe it onto the area you want to open up pores(nose, chin and forehead just between the brows for me). I leave on a good thick layer so no skin shows. Then wipe off with a toner after 5-10mins. It doesn’t work so well if you just rinse it off. Best to wipe off with a toner with a bit of alcohol. You will see the blackheads kind of comes out a little. Then I wash it and use a pore strip as usual!

I love this silver powder, teaming it with pore strips makes the pore strip works so much better! This little jar goes a long way, especially if you only use it on your nose and 2-3 times a week! The other day, I used a little spatula to loosen up the powder in the jar (because I press it into the jar and compressed it a bit) and it looks like there’s still like 80% left! One thing, when it dries, it can fly off from your face and onto everywhere

Check out my review on Mario Badescu’s buffering lotion!

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