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Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel and Pore Strips

In Beauty on 10/09/2012 at 06:05

Where I got this: I got both at the Laneige counter in Hong Kong in May (as soon as it is released!). Approx $300HKD for the gel, $100HKD for the strips. I don’t know where you can get these online? You can now get them from sasa.com!

What is this: this is 20mL of melting gel in a special ‘bottle’ with a silicon scrubber at the top. I will explain how to use this below. The pore strips is a pack of 10, usual pore strip stuff.

How I find this so far: I haven’t used a melting gel before so I couldn’t compare. I clean my face as usual, pat dry and one press of the button will release the right amount of gel onto the silicon scrubber. Apply directly with the scrubber head and massage onto my nose for about a minute. The gel is warm so it opens up the pores. Then wash it off and keep my nose wet and apply a pore strip with dry hands. 10-15 mins later or until the strip dries, peel off from bottom up!

I wouldn’t get the gel again and I probably won’t get the pore strips again as well because it is just the same as Biore pore strips.

Overall: I think the gel is nothing special really. Probably makes it easier for the pore strip to remove my blackheads, but I’ve used other products that could do a better job… check out my review on the Mario Badescu Silver Powder!



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  2. I love the silver powder!

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