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Scinic Morroco Ghassoul clay mask

In Beauty on 06/09/2012 at 00:00

I used to use many clay masks when I was younger (15?) but then my face started going flakey AND oily. Especially around my chin and jaws because I was trying too hard to strip away my natural oil and my face was not properly hydrated.
Hence I stopped using so much clay/drying masks and started using heaps of hydrating masks (I try to look for ones that hydrates with water instead of moisturizing with oil). It improved quite a lot and I will do another post on those masks later.
Alright, so I haven’t been in the loop for good clay masks and I stumbled upon this.

Where I got this: I got this online at sasa.com, it is an online version of a really popular cosmetic shop in hong long. They do free shipping for orders over USD$75 ( they always do specials and sales) I got this for about $26.60USD about 2 months ago.

What is this: this is a 100g pot of clay mask made in Korea. It claims to cleanse and draws out impurities. To be used 1-2 times a week.

How I find this so far: I quite like this clay mask, it doesn’t dry and crack like my previous ones. I scoop it off with a spatula because I don’t want to dig my fingers in the jar and get it under my nails. Wait for 10-15mins and I splash a bit of water and lightly massage with the fine granules. Then rinse off. It makes my skin smooth and clean (if doesn’t clear my pores in one go of cause, that would be a miracle!)

Overall: Great clay mask, not over-drying, does not crack, smooths your skin, takes a couple of uses to clean out pores.

I’ve also got the Snail Matrix Cream and Aqua EX Steam Essence Water.



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