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Scinic Aqua EX Steam Essense Water

In Beauty on 06/09/2012 at 23:35

Where I got this: I got this online at sasa.com, it is an online version of a really popular cosmetic shop in hong long. They do free shipping for orders over USD$75 ( they always do specials and sales) I got this for about $26.60USD about 2 months ago.

What is this: this is a 130mL glass bottle of moisturising water with a fine spray pump. The essence is fused together with a shot of steam under high pressure. Spray it on after cleansing and massage into the skin until absorbed.

How I find this so far: I love the pill-like glass bottle and the smell is so nice! It takes a couple of pumps to get the spray working and with a fine mist. I clean my skin as usual with my new Clarisonic Mia 2, dry my face and spray this on with 2-3 pumps (that’s plenty), pat it on (I usually pat lotion/toners on) and apply my usual moisturiser (I don’t have a staple product I use at the moment, but I will share it once I do).

Overall: Lovely packaging, needs a couple of pumps for a fine mist spray, smells great and light hydration. Great for combination skin that needs light moisture/hydration.

I’ve also got the Snail Matrix Cream and the Morroco Ghassoul Clay Mask from Scinic too! Would love to get more products from this brand. Korean people knows how to do hydrating skin care!


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