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Bioderma Sensibio H2O

In Beauty on 05/09/2012 at 10:20

I was watching all the hype on youtube about this cleansing water. Models, makeup gurus are all praising how gentle it is and how easy it is to remove makeup so I got myself some…

I have always been using cleansing oil because it is quick and easy. It removes everything! Foundation, mascara, liquid eye liner, eye shadow, everything!! Then I heard about this cleansing water which sounds so much better than oil for my oily skin, so I decided to learn more about it and eventually got a bottle.

Where I got this: I got this online at sasa.com for about $38.20NZD. Not bad for a big bottle of cleansing water (but you actually need to use a decent amount until eye makeup remover).

What is this: this is a big 500mL bottle of cleansing water.

How I find this so far: I saturate one cotton pad and wipe my whole face, I then repeat that with another cotton pad. Then one cotton pad for each eye, paying close attention to the eye liner (I use the water-removable mascara instead of waterproof because I got oily lids so waterproof mascara doesn’t do good for my eyes). The cleansing water removes my mascara nicely. I then use another cotton pad to do an all over wipe down. So 4 pads in total. Then I wash my face as normal.

Overall: It really is oil-free and does not leave you feeling like there’s a film over your skin and does not make you feel dry (like some cleansing towelettes would). I need to use a minimum of 4 cotton pads each time I remove a face of make-up (light foundation with powder, liquid liner, mascara). I don’t use it on my lips because I’m always worried about licking my lips and swallowing chemicals. The cleansing oil is still my go-to when I am low on time and wants to wash everything off in the shower.

Check out my review on the Shiseido Perfect Watery cleansing oil I am using!


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