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Clarisonic Mia 2

In Beauty on 03/09/2012 at 02:36

After looking at all the hype on Youtube about the Clarisonic, I decided I needed to give this one a try on my 28 year-old-break-out-prone skin.

Bit of history of my skin:

OK, so I’ve been having oily/combination skin from college, at about 15 I’ve had breakouts mostly on my forehead and the odd one on my nose. At about 16-17 I have pimples on my back and chest, and my cheeks. At the final years of doing a bachelors of architecture in university, my skin broke out really badly due to stress. My cheeks, my jaw line, my chin. I’ve have clusters of pimples (but hardly on my forehead!).

I thought it would go away when I finish my degree, but when I got into the working world, its still there. So I decided I can’t go to work looking like that so I went to see a dermatologist and she prescribed me some accutane which dries my skin out (stops producing oil), but my skin was beautiful (besides the odd nose bleed and dry-as lips). The major side effects is birth defects if you have a baby, so I stopped eventually (we are trying for a baby). Then the break outs came back, not as bad though, but there’s always 1 or 2 on my face.

Anyhow, it’s more or less under control after seeing chinese doctors and avoiding many foods (beef, lamb, duck, tropical fruits, shellfish, etc.) I got it under control, but the scars are still pretty sightly..

OK, enough about my crappy skin, let’s talk about the Clarisonic Mia 2.

Where i got this: I got this baby in a bordeaux red from Skincare Rx for about $149USD (+$38USD shipping). Which came to around $229 NZD. Shipping took about 10 days to NZ. Skincare Rx also gave me some samples for free.

What is this: This is the hype on youtube beauty channels. Everyone is raving about this. I’ve got the Mia2 which has 2 speeds and a pulsing light/timer. It comes with a travel case, trial size cleanser (which I have not used yet), and a charger (quite a cool one because you don’t need to plug it into the device! Just by magnetic!)

How i find it so far : I’ve used it 3 times already, twice over the sink, once in the shower.

First try I used a gel-like cleanser (non foaming), which was quite nice, it didn’t run everywhere, my skin felt so clean!

Second try in the shower I used a liquid AHA cleanser and I put it directly onto the brush head which doesn’t really work that well, as soon as I held the device vertically, the cleanser fell right off but I managed to catch it! None-the-less made my skin really clean and smooth!

Third time was this morning, I used a thicker gel cleanser (low foam) and it works quite good (except I’ve got too much water on the brush head so I had water dripping into my eyes). Besides that, my skin is yet again, very clean and smooth.

So..I will be using this twice a day everyday from now on (waiting for the purge period where my skin will break out). Hopefully I will find a good cleanser to use with. I find the tingling feeling so weird especially when I do my nose, the quick movements tickles my nose a bit (that’s just me). But I do LOVE the timer!

The texture is really smooth and gives really good colour. I haven’t tried the brush yet because it is so pretty and soft I want to keep it like that. : )

Overall: I look forward to the full effects of the Clarisonic Mia 2. I will be posting some photos of the progress (showing my bad skin :O) and will give another review later!


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